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Better PC Recycle LLC is the premier computer and electronics salvage center in the south Puget Sound region of the greater Northwest area. We are located in Lakewood, WA with a premium 7,000 sq/ft warehouse and storage facility with trained repair technicians on staff.

Better PC Recycle LLC was established in 2003 for PC salvage & metal recycling. As  the computer and electronic industry rapidly advances and prices constantly decrease, our everyday electronic devices face a very short life regardless of their working condition. Therefore, computer hardware recycling becomes a major issue and Better PC Recycle is here to help.

Best of Best

Better PC Recycle LLC employs the finest team of repair and service technicians, who refurbish these workable computers to factory specifications, after which are donated to individuals or group of people who need basic capable computers. If a device can’t be restored to working condition then we will properly recycle the materials. Our mission is to actively become an integral part of our communities waste management system using the latest environmentally safe process to keep our planet green and your information safe!

Our promise is simple. We will make the task of recycling your old electronics as easy as possible and provide these devices to those that need them the most. Better PC Recycle delivers consistent results with above average services so drop by and find out what we can do for you and your business or community.


Computer, Monitors and all computer parts/accessories.

Overhead projectors

Projector, Etc


Server PC, Server Rack, Etc


Copy machines, Fax machines, Scanners.




I’m sure you’re asking yourself ‘Why would I drop my computer off at your place when I can toss it in my trash?’ The answer is simple – PC’s, monitors and other electronics contain hazardous  materials so doing so would be unsafe. Chemicals such as mercury, barium, phosphorous, lead, beryllium and many more need to be separated from traditional trash where they can leak into our landfills, potentially contaminating the groundwater and environment. If an item can be salvaged or repaired then the items are donated to those who can use them, so you are contributing to a good cause either way.

We offer top tier repair services on at our facility on applicable devices including rebuilds, upgrades and installations. Get in touch with one of our trained technicians by calling us at (253)584-1098.
If you are seeking computer components, cables, parts or accessories then come on by our facility because we sell and stock a wide range of computer devices and peripherals.
We also offer items for sale on our online store.

Pickup service are available to both residential and business customers who qualify. A gas fee may be added to a residential pick up. Please get in contact with a representative to find out if you are eligible.

It is completely FREE to drop off your recyclables at our warehouse
so come on by:
2608 104th St. Ct. S J-3 Lakewood, WA 98499

To qualify for a pickup you must have 15 computers or more (accessories & misc. wires do not count). Contact Better PC Recycle by calling (253)584-1098 or by e-mailing us at to schedule a FREE pickup.

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